Learning Programs

The Rebuild Centre provides additional, monthly learning opportunities throughout the year. To provide a learning environment where principles and practices of ministry are both considered, and where strategies for outreach in urban settings are developed, the following half or full day training workshops and strategy sessions are facilitated for interns, staff, church members and other partners (Sept 2017 – May 2018).

Area Title Description Presenter(s) Month
Internships Internship Orientation Workshop A workshop to set up and plan for the internship and goals of the ministry; also to establish a growth plan for personal development Jim Foster

Bill Dyck

Prayer Hearing & Obeying God’s Voice Learn how to listen in prayer; how to hear God’s voice, and act faithfully on His word Bill Dyck October
Freedom in Christ Freedom Seminar – Breaking Spiritual Bondages Discover the things holding you back from victory in Christ, and address them. Bill Dyck November
Research Understand the People we Serve Learn how to research and document a profile of the people or group you will be working among. Jim Foster December
Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Realities and Deliverance Ministry Learn how to lead others into spiritual freedom, and understanding how to respond to spiritual attack. Bill Dyck January
Strengths & Gifts Know your Strengths and Spiritual Gifts Understand how your natural strengths and your spiritual gifts can shape and motivate your ministry and work choices. Jim Foster


Evangelism Sharing the Gospel with People of other Faiths A workshop on understanding Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. and how to share Christ with them; how to pray for them TBD March
Bible Teaching Methods Leading Small Group Bible Studies Learn effective ways to study, understand and communicate the true message of biblical passages. Jeff MacMillan
Bill Dyck
Life Purpose Discovering our Life Purpose Understand how God has designed you, given you passions and experiences, and a special purpose to guide you in ministry. Jim Foster May