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  • The Pan Am Games are coming to Toronto July 11-26, 2015. This will likely impact our worship services though we do not know that for certain. We are still trying to pare down to one service for those dates. Our plan at present is to take the children out of the worship service for the entirety of the service for these three Sundays, and do a children’s church type format in the classrooms, thus making room for more adults in the front. If that is proving insufficient, we will have to go back to two services for the balance of those three weeks. Otherwise, beginning June 28, 2015 and continuing to Labour Day week-end, we will be begin the one service summer schedule. Services will begin at 10:30 am at TAC.
  • Also related to the Pan Am Games, we are hoping to partner with Salvation Army during the games and stroll the streets with hydration packs “serving a cup of cold water” near games venues. Are you interested in helping out in this way? Please speak to Nathan or Pastor Bill. Also, we will likely be doing some things right outside our front door during those days, handing out water and similar “bless the streets” type events. We are toying with some other ideas as well and will keep you posted.



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